zakka {wedding pot holders}

despite my deplorable lack of posts in the last few months, there has been some degree of activity in the sewing room (and the kitchen)…

behold: a pair of pot holders i made as a wedding gift for one of my dearest friends.  she and her new husband are both appreciators of fine food, and she loves to cook, so i wrapped these up alongside an heirloom-to-be le creuset braiser.


i found the inspiration for these in the ‘zakka style’ project book compiled by rashida coleman-hale, and the pattern itself comes courtesy of kim kruzich.  you may recall seeing evidence of the ‘zakka-along’ hosted by LRstitched last year – heaps of adorable and practical linen-based projects from the zakka style book.  the sew-along is a brilliant resource for anyone working on a make from the book.  for the pot holders, you will find an errata and a related tutorial to help you along.  the errata clarified some significant changes to the original instructions, so it’s worth checking it out prior to cutting.  i, however ignorantly, followed the instructions in the book and made out quite alright in the end.  and, as per my usual ‘must-avoid-significant-amounts-of-handstitching-at-all-costs’ mantra, when it came time to finish attaching the bias-binding to the back pockets and the circumference of the pot holders, i took a different approach: i simply pinned well from the top-side and then carefully top-stitched my way around.  while they certainly don’t look as tidy as the specimens in the book, i don’t think the top-stitching looks too shabby in the end, and i do think it will be sturdier than my hand-stitching would have been.


another note worth making relates to the quilting – the instructions are very simple: “quilt as desired by machine or by hand”.  i liked the look of the straight lines in the book, so i measured out 1/2″ lines from the middle and stitched them consistently across the top of the pot holder, trying to stay parallel to the seams.  not bad for my first attempt at quilting!


to personalize the gift, i worked in some of my favourite paris-map fabric, which makes these feel a little old-world glamorous to me.  i also used some sweet japanese fabric printed with cakes and letters, which is just so adorable.  both of these fabrics suit the bride’s style perfectly and are much-loved at the workroom, where i purchased them a few years ago.  as a final touch, i embroidered the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date on the back of the pot holders, hoping they will be reminded of their beautiful wedding every time they use them.


there.  hopefully i’m back on track now, as i have a few other projects and recipes to share with you.  and, as the days are finally getting a little bit longer here, there is hope for some natural light at the end of the day, which should make for some less-drab looking photographs!

i’m curious, what are your thoughts on homemade wedding presents?  have you ever given a handmade wedding gift?

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24 responses to “zakka {wedding pot holders}

  1. awesome…very pretty and cool and crafty and you. i think homemade wedding presents or any homemade present are the greatest! if i had any skill in that direction, i would do it. you make such gorgeous stuff…food and otherwise.

  2. oooh, i love them. makes me want to get married again so you can give them to me 🙂

  3. They look wonderful. I hope they’re treasured!

  4. So cute! What a brilliant way to personalize a wedding gift!

  5. Very nice!! I love receiving handmade gifts but I’ve only made a few so far… I do like making gifts but only for super special people, cause you wanna know your hard work will be appreciated ^_^ I’m sure yours will be very loved and appreciated indeed! 🙂

    • thanks!
      you’ve brought up a good point – it’s nice to know your hard work is going to be appreciated! and it can be quite time consuming to figure out just what the perfect gift will be 🙂

  6. fabricfan

    Lovely combination of fabrics.

  7. What a thoughtful gift! Love the initials on the back 🙂

  8. ‘Quilt as desired…’ That has to be one of the best sewing instructions ever. Your pot holders are amazebobs! How is your Sewlution coming along? You’ve been Sewlutioned over at my blog!

    • thanks!
      my sewlution is still in the planning phase as i have months to ponder just which non-shapeless garment will be my first make-of-choice once the maternity wear is no longer necessary!

  9. These are really lovely! Like art, in such a practical item. 🙂

  10. These are gorgeous! I love the idea of homemade wedding presents, but I always worry that the recipient might think it’s a cop out (in this age of the wedding list!) I do what you do and try and do something handmade along with something bought.

    I went to a wedding last year of one of my oldest friends and I knew she’d been keen on a dog draught excluder I’d made myself. So I made her one of them and sewed on her and her husband’s initials under one ear and the date of their wedding under the other. (I then panicked that I was going to sew on the wrong date, ha ha.) Anyway, it probably sounds (and was) completely random, but she really loved it and hopefully it will be an heirloom to come…

  11. One has to be discerning when you give someone something you have made yourself. For our granddaughters wedding , last June, I gave a wooden tray a French finish complete with graphics and then filled it with vintage linen napkins. I also made a pair of pillows with French graphics in the same white and black tones. It was an enormous hit. Virginia

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