autumn {wiksten tova dress}

since our weather is no longer calling for summer-wear, i’ve set aside my wiksten tank pattern and have finally made my way to the more seasonally versatile wiksten tova.

tova is an easy sew.  it reminds me of some of the gamine dresses one sees in japanese dress books – shapeless and soft with some sweet little finishing details.  tova is made interesting with a front placket set into a gathered panel.  the plackets overlap and are topped off with what i think of as a band-style collar.  or maybe a chairman mao?  either way, it’s a nice touch.  the three-quarter length sleeves are gathered slightly and finished off with a tiny, straightforward, non-restrictive cuff.

like the wiksten tank, you can cut the tova at two different lengths: top or dress.  i made the dress length because i wanted to wear it with leggings and boots this fall and winter.  were i wearing it on its own, sans leg coverage, however, i’d consider making it a tad longer to allow a little more modesty on the gams.  i am fast approaching 40, after all.

i was a good girl and followed the instructions, with the exception of the hand-stitching – i just couldn’t see the point when you end up topstitching the same pieces anyway (this is called for on the collar and the cuffs).  i found that with some careful pinning, i was able to skip the hand-stitching and move right on to the topstitching.  in order to ensure the stitching looked good, i pinned amply from the right side, checked to make sure i would catch the folded edge with my topstitching, then did the topstitching, as you would, on the right side as well.  it worked brilliantly and saved me all of that slow and mostly needless hand-stitching.  hurrah!

a note on the fabric. this print is called ‘eyelet’ and it comes from denyse schmidt‘s ‘flea market fancy’ collection.  it’s pretty sweet, but i’m afraid that the grey of the fabric, along with its subtle white pinstripe and the style of the dress make the whole thing look a little too much like an old-fashioned nightshirt.  i was going to link to a photo of a man yawning in a nightshirt, but it was too disturbing.  here’s hoping i’m the only one who notices this similarity (good thing i pointed it out…).

i didn’t make any changes to the fit – i cut a medium and i find the size accurate and ample.  it’s not the most figure flattering cut, sure, especially in a heavier quilting cotton, but it’s a quick and cosy make and has great multi-season potential.  tova is definitely a keeper.

do you have a favourite basic pattern you keep going back to?  do tell!

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34 responses to “autumn {wiksten tova dress}

  1. Love it!!! It looks like an easy tunic to throw on with a pair of boots and some leggings!

  2. fran young

    it looks so comfortable

  3. Jenny

    So cute! I’m not getting an “old man in a nightshirt” vibe at all–I think it depends on how you accessorize–i.e. Maybe a nightcap isn’t the best option. . . 🙂

  4. Amy

    Love it! It’s going to look great!

  5. Kat

    Gasp, I love that tunic top! The fabric looks like it’s embroidered and has eyelet…very elegant. It’s so simple and yet so elegant. I may just have to give that one a try in some soft sheer voile. Thank you 🙂

  6. I am all about finding ways to avoid hand-stitching. I’d much rather spend the time on excessive pinning than have to sew it by hand!! And your top-stitching looks nice and even, so I’d say it paid off!

  7. Gorgeous! And your sewing is outstanding. This looks like the perfect winter tunic to wear with legging and boots. I’ll have to check out the wiksten patterns.

  8. This is so amazingly beautiful… I love the style, and the fabric is gorgeous.. going to check out the pattern now! ^___^

    • oh, thank you!
      i think you’ll find it a super easy make, as your sewing abilities are waaaay more advanced than mine.
      i just saw a gingham version of the tova, done with the front placket part on the diagonal and the rest straight-up – it looked fantastic!

  9. I am loving that bag, girl! 🙂

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  11. Love this! I hadn’t thought of using this pattern as a dress but after seeing this i.m very tempted to buy it

  12. i love this material, and the pattern, lovely!

  13. So pretty! I love these types of dresses…just throw them on and go. I’m afraid I’d have to rely on my mom’s vast sewing talents to help me along. I’m not as confident with my skills as I’d like. 🙂

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