catching up (in photos)

there has been a lot of undocumented stirring and stitching going on this summer.  here is a small taste of what the last couple of months have looked like…

all of that and a trip to killarney, many a hot run, working five days a week and some lovely chats with lovely people at the studio tour has made this a full and fulfilling summer.  i hope that you have had a marvy summer, too!

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9 responses to “catching up (in photos)

  1. Looks like a great summer! When that first picture came up on my screen, I couldn’t figure out what it was for a moment – ha ha! I love the colorful zippers, the wonderful projects but most of all the green shoes!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing summer. Love that photo of the heart shaped leaf. Love finding things like that. =)

  3. liann

    Just found your site. Makes me think of when I was a preteen & EVERYONE got sent to sewing school in the summer. Wasn’t very good at 11 so it wasn’t fun but did love all the printed fabrics–likewise I like your taste in patterns. The green shoes caught my eye. Can you say where they can be purchased? These look like they’d be good for my wide feet—-I call them my duck feet because they’re so wide in front. PLEASE id yourself on subject line—my computer is uber picky & not sure how to modify. Thanks.

    • hi liann, i’m sorry to tell you that i got the green shoes many years ago, so they may not be around anymore! if you feel like hunting for them, the brand is seychelles and i think i scored them at a winners (in canada). good luck!

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