{bespoke wallet}

i was introduced to these adorable and practical wallets in a post on very berry handmade.  i crossed my fingers as soon as i saw her photos, thinking ‘pleeeeease tell me there is a free pattern for these’, and, hip hip hooray, there was.  (as an aside, i love veryberry’s blog, and i wish i had access to all of the stunning fabrics she sources.  you folks in the uk may want to check out her compendium of uk fabric shops…you’re so lucky!).

the tutorial for these is the work of confessions of a fabricaholic.  it is filled with step-by-step photos and instructions to walk you through your first ever home-made wallet.  thank you, fabricaholic, for sharing your marvy tute!

i’ve made a small collection of these now, and have learned a few lessons along the way.  i’ve used medium-weight cotton for all of these, so i interface the interior and exterior main pieces, as well as the front and back of the zip-pocket, and the largest and smallest card slots.  i interface both the interior and exterior tab pieces, as well.  i’ve learned to cut the interfacing just shy of the seam allowances, as it becomes super bulky if you don’t.  the exception, though, is the tab.  because you trim the seam allowances away and it’s so tiny, i’ve found that full-sized interfacing helps to prevent fraying (i had to remake two tabs because they started to come apart after i turned them).  and back to the card slots – i serged the top edges of the three pieces that remain exposed, just so they don’t fray.

i didn’t like the look of the round, silver snap that i used on my first take (and i found that it didn’t close very securely), so i went with what has become my signature sewn-in snap tab closure, which i’ve used on my phone cosies and computer cosies.  i’d like to try a magnetic closure, but i wasn’t sure about the effect this may have on credit cards inside the wallet.  i’m also playing around with the idea of using buttons with an elastic loop (because who doesn’t love buttons?), but i’ve become pretty loyal to the clean and simple snap tab, and i’m not sure i’m ready to abandon it just yet.

one other  step i tweaked was the zipper insertion.  i worked with a 3/8″ opening instead of 1/2″ – it’s surprising what a difference an eighth of an inch can make, but i do think it makes for a tidier looking zip (certainly tidier than the one shown above).

i’m still working on my edge-stitching.  it’s just not that lovely, is it?  i find the corners particularly difficult to navigate beautifully.  i’ve noticed that very berry’s corners are perfectly curved and very smooth.  how do you do it,  very berry?  what is your secret!?  i know i need to work on symmetry and having my edges perfectly square.  with all of the layers and the turning, this can be difficult to achieve.

since my adorable one-of-a-kind bookhou wallet is on its last legs (i’ve used the heck out of it for five years now), i think it’s time for a bespoke wallet of my own.  now to choose some fabric…

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26 responses to “{bespoke wallet}

  1. Those are gorgeous!!! Love the design AND the fabrics! 🙂

    • thank you! it’s a great design to work with, and the bonus is that it doesn’t eat up too much fabric – you could get away with a fat quarter of two of your favourite prints.

  2. Oh,I love love love them 🙂 When I saw the picture I first thought it was an Iphone case 🙂

  3. Love the fabrics they are just beautiful. Another thing to add to my to try list 🙂

  4. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing the link!

  5. Love this!!! I am getting my pattern too!!! Thanks!

  6. holy moly, these are amazing, and free pattern {!?!?!} even better! thanks for sharing!

  7. Well that is rather amazing timing – you commented on my blog a day after I was trawling the web looking for a free wallet pattern. I didn’t come up with anything I was mad on but now I have discovered your blog and this, this is just perfect! I love all of your versions, particularly the grey one (is that ikea fabric?) and I think your edge stitching is pretty darn great!

    • far out! i’m glad you found the pattern – it’s a great tutorial that has been shared far and wide.
      the grey paisley fabric is a moda print (i think) and the purple/white fabric (which looks greyish in the photos) is a lotta jansdotter print.
      the edge stitching is slowly improving. thanks for the pat on the back 🙂

  8. Fabric…a word we can feel. Yes!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m loving all your bags and this wallet. Might have to add it to my projects list …

    With turning curves, I’ve read a tip, though I’ve not put it into practise, of decreasing stitch length when doing curves … I intend to try it next time I round a curve, but thought I’d pass it on.

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