polka dot {sorbetto}

i’ve been ogling others’ sorbettos for months.  fancy, plain, busy, simple, embellished with buttons or sewn simply with its signature pleat, sorbetto is an ace.  there are many reasons to love sorbetto, not least of which is the fact that it’s free (as if the ladies at colette patterns needed another reason for us to love them).  it is a much-loved and oft-sewn little sleeveless blouse, and i’m pleased to say that it has finally made its way into my closet.

one of the endearing qualities of sorbetto is the bias tape.  it’s.  so.  cute.  and polished.  and tailored.  while making bias tape can be a nuisance, there is something satisfying about the whole process that i rather like.  if you don’t like the fiddlyness of sewing all those wee seams, be sure to check out sarai’s tutorial on continuous loop bias tape.  it’s rad!  the concept seemed impossibly difficult at first, but, when i got my head around it, it kind of blew my mind.  turning a 10″x10″ square of fabric into a highway of bias tape just didn’t seem possible…but it worked! with no joining of pieces!  with just 2 seams!  for real!  do try it.  (yes, i see how sloppy my topstitching is.  i think i need a better presser-foot for topstitching.  any suggestions?).

sorbetto taught me another lesson: don’t pretend that quilting weight cotton is appropriate for wee drapey tops.  unfortunately, the slightly boxy shape of this pattern is emphasized by the fabric i used – it is a little too heavy, but i couldn’t get my hands on anything that wasn’t a frankenfabric of syntheticness, so i went with a heavier-weight cotton.  this pattern really needs a lightweight, drapey fabric (it virtually demands tana lawn – i’m powerless, i’ll have to give in!).  also to blame is my shape.  i cut my size according to the measurements, but i could easily cut it a size down next time – i find the back too ample and there’s a little too much room in the bust (sigh).

can’t you just imagine the endless incarnations of sorbetto?   if not, check out the flickr stream or just google ‘sorbetto top’.  so much potential!

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15 responses to “polka dot {sorbetto}

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore the polka dots, even if it did end up a tab boxy I think it is adorable. Try popping a fitted blazer over the top. That is how I saved my last tank that I made from quilters cotton. And I absolutely DROOL over the Liberty of London fabrics. One day I’ll splurge… 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Sue

    Oooh, I love this…even if it isn’t ice cream! When I topstitch, I use a longer stitch than when sewing seams together. Perhaps that will work for you. Honestly though, people are going to see you looking radiant, and are unlikely to stand 3″ from you as in the close up photo. 🙂 In future, could you warn us when linking to Liberty of London? Belle is right about the drooling, LOL.

    • thanks for the advice – i’ll try lengthening the stitch next time.
      liberty…sigh…it’s so dreamy! so far i’ve only used it for scarves, but i’d love it for a blouse and this tank and a gorgeous summer dress. cha ching $$$!

  3. Love, love, love, love your polka dot sorbetto. It is so perfect!

  4. Very impressive work! Would love to see it in Liberty… can you say GORGEOUS?!

  5. Amy

    This is so cute. I like the placement of the dots across the pleat – the way they double up in little pairs. Nice job!

  6. Ahh, two of my favorite things–polka dots and the mighty Sorbetto!! Great top!!

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