off the hook {the tobermory hat}

i made a wee hat for an adorable new baby in the fall.  the mother of said adorable baby liked the hat so much that she requested an adult-sized version of it for herself.  i said “yes, of course” (in reality, i think what i said was more along the lines of  “are you sure?  you really like it?  um, ok, thanks!”), and then i started to panic.  the pattern i had used was baby-sized, and i’m not so good at ‘growing’ a pattern as needed, particularly when it comes to hats.  there is a science to hat making that i just don’t quite get.

i began searching for a pattern but couldn’t find anything that was just right, so i decided to wing it by combining elements of a couple of patterns i liked along with a little imagination.  i used a basic adult beanie pattern with some front-posts and a fetching FLO sc section at the bottom, and finished it off with a tidy shaped brim, a simple band and some rustic wooden buttons – a reasonable facsimile of the adorable-babe’s hat (and a good lesson in sorting out the frustrating science of properly fitting hats).

i’m lousy at taking compliments and even worse at promoting myself, so when adorable-babe’s mom wore this hat to girls’ night last month, i felt ever so happy that she liked it enough to wear it in public but i was completely unnerved by the attention it received.  my discomfort was somewhat alleviated when two other gals requested i make each of them the same hat.  orders!  sales!  acceptance!  it’s seriously small-time, i know, but it was just the kind of reassurance i needed to help gear me up for the upcoming studio tour this summer (more on that in a future post).

thus, the {tobermory hat} was established, so named for the community in which you may see three hip ladies wearing the same hat at the same time.  and, now that i have the hats off my hook, i am turning my attention to a brilliant tangerine coloured scarf, an order for a pair of stash baskets and the umpteen other projects that are forming a rather lengthy list of crafts-to-be.  joy!

ps – i do plan on writing up the pattern for the hat in case any of you are interested in making one yourself.

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22 responses to “off the hook {the tobermory hat}

  1. Looks great! Looking forward to a pattern – I could definitely see myself crocheting a wearing it.

  2. Do you have a link to the baby-sized hat? I have new-baby projects to do, and can’t find one I like! I found one similar to yours, but the gauge was difficult to achieve, even with the same materials and needle as the pattern, and as an only child with no children, I’m at a loss as to whether the finished product would even fit a human baby LOL! 😀 Oh, and that tangerine yarn is to die for!

    • yes! for some reason i can’t make the link work, but you can find the pattern on the blog “hands full of happiness” and the pattern is called “buy my ‘papes sir”. it’s also on ravlery (that’s where i first found it).
      i always have size problems with hats. i think i made the medium size of her pattern as the newborn one turned out way too small.
      good luck 🙂

  3. I just saw Nancy this morning at the Easter Egg hunt and LOVED the hat – didn’t know it was yours but wanted one immediately! Will you be making some hats for the Studio Tour weekend(s)?!!!?

  4. Hat–adorable. I’d love the adult pattern if you get a chance to write it down! And that tangerine *is* to die for– CYH is right!

  5. Cute Hat! Congratulations for the great job you did of enlarging it! 😀

    I’m so happy that you stopped by and ‘liked’ my newest post. Thank You! It gives me the chance to get acquainted with your blog – crocheting And sewing, what fun!

    • thank you, linda!
      i’d love to do an afghan someday, but they’re just so big!! i’m afraid i’d never finish.

      • Please… don’t let the size intimidate you if you’d really like to make an afghan! You could start by making a doll blanket, then work your way up in size, a baby blanket… a child’s blanket… etc. Thankfully there’s no rule that you have to make one for a king-sized bed right off the bat. 😀

        Another strategy is to set a goal of doing a certain number of rows per week to keep on target for a set finish date. If necessary, reward yourself along the way… at 50% done… a new crochet book, perhaps?

  6. Of course the mother would want one for her own – it’s adorable! You are very talented!

  7. hi, thanks for dropping by!
    The baby hat looks fantastic. I totally understand the excitement you feel when other people asks to buy from you items that they think are worthy to pay. So exciting !!!!

  8. Love the hat for both baby and adult its lovely. I also like the orange yarn very nice 🙂

  9. Mary Claire

    I love this hat!! I bought one ( on sale) from Atheleta last winter and I received so many completements in it. I really wanted to find a pattern to make my own. So I’m so happy that I ran across yours! Can’t wait till you post it!

  10. Mary Claire

    Love this hat! I purchased one like it last winter and got lots of completements! Can’t wait for the pattern!!

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