holy liebster and {printemps shawl}

i love pleasant surprises. and, from unexpected birthday gifts to a huge dump of snow, this weekend has been full of them. the cherry that crowned the icing on top of my wonderful weekend cake was discovering that i was the recipient of a liebster blog award.

a liebster, i have learned, is a peer-awarded recognition of little blogs (read: fewer than 200 followers – i am, ahem, well within that margin). apparently, by loose translation, liebsters are “dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome“. how very warm and fuzzy! the recipient of a liebster is to pay it forward by bestowing it on five bloggers whom they admire, and so on and so on (kind of like a good-vibe chain letter). salma, from the beautiful blog beautifully sewn was kind enough to include me in her list of honourees. thanks, salma! i’ll try not to let too much time pass before i come up with my list of liebsters.

all of this liebsterness has prompted me to switch up my post. i was going to tell you about my ‘flopjacks’ – the kitchen disaster that started out as buttermilk oatmeal pancakes and ended up as a pile of mangled and chewy (though tasty) dog’s breakfast, but that just seems a little too negative for today. today calls for feelgoodery, so i would like to introduce you to my most recent finished crochet project, {printemps shawl}.

{printemps shawl} is so named because the colours remind me of spring crocuses peeking out through the snow. this is the scarf-sized version of the garden path shawl, designed by ‘lily go’ on ravelry* (lily’s well written and charted patterns are wonderfully intricate and creative – i can’t imagine the time and mathematics that go into her patterns, let alone the art and the vision).
i’m not sure if this colourway of malabrigo merino wool was the best choice…i can’t tell if it’s hideous or fetching. i tend to be drawn to either very plain or completely gaudy colours and patterns – there is no middle ground for me. this was my first foray into colours other than grays and browns, so maybe that’s why i’m a little uncertain of it. despite my uncertaintly, however, i will embrace my printemps scarf/shawl in the name of liebsterism! long live good, kind, generous, welcoming, nice, cute, beloved, sweet, endearing and lovely souls!

*do you know ravelry? if you crochet or knit, or just dream about crocheting and knitting, you will love ravelry, guaranteed. the garden path shawl link above will take you to ravelry, if you’re interested.


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20 responses to “holy liebster and {printemps shawl}

  1. Glenna Reynolds

    congrats on your leibster! love your blog and love your shawl! i also love ravelry

  2. bmweed

    Well done on your award! 😀 The shawl is lovely, I’m glad you did the close-up also, as it shows the detail that you can’t see in the larger image.

  3. Congratulations! And that scarf is amazing–I love the photo on the snowy woodpile. Still want to hear about the “flopjacks” tho!

  4. Gorgeous shawl! I so wish I could crochet, last year I spent most of my “crochet” time trying to untangle my hook from some mess I made and gave up, lol.

  5. Hi
    I love this shawl. I knitted two lace shawls form my mum and mother in law (I’ll add some photos to my blog at some point of my mother in laws one). It takes ages but worth it.
    thank you for liking my daughter’s dress.


  6. Congratulations on the award!! And I love that shawl pattern! And I’ll bet it’s luscious in the Merino wool! I’m going to put this in my stash of patterns!

  7. Congratulations! And your shawl is sooo lovely. You are a real pro!

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